A TV-consept by Motlys


In 2029 A new UN protocol, named Birthright is implemented in the Scandinavian countries - an injection with a temporary contraceptive. To have children you have to complete the Birthright program and get a license to become parents. Only then you will be “unsealed”.


The series is set in Oslo, Norway in 2049.  We follow three members of a family over the course of 6 months: The Minister of Health - Sara (62), and her two daughters Alexandra (31)  and Marin (17). Alexandra is in the program to become a licensed parent. Marin is exploring her boundaries and political views. 


“Birthright” foresees a future that focuses on secure upbringing of children. It confronts social constellations and rapidly changing technological trends. It’s a life not far from the one we live today and reflects on issues present in the modern world.


Today 140 million kids live without parents. 16.000 children under the age of five die every day. Just in Norway, 10% of all kids have been victims of abuse. That's two in each classroom.

The Birthright protocol.

Committee on the rights of the child - UN







Alexandra is the oldest daughter of Sara and Daniella. She has followed her grandfather Josef's footsteps and become a surgeon at Ullevål Hospital. She lives with Jonathan in an apartment in the city and they try to become certified parents. 



Marin is Sara and Daniella's youngest daughter and Alexandra's sister. She lives a dissipated teenage life. She is independent and lives within a young environment where she feels she is seen for who she is. They are free, experimental and have clear political opinions despite their young age. Marin is often an initiator within her circle of friends and is at the age where she has a strong need to challenge previous generations (including her mothers). She is not a fan of major social regulations and feels a thrill when she attends secret meetings about free birth and how to fight the 'planned society'.



Sara is the mother of Marin and Alexandra. She is currently the Minister of Health in Norway but has worked within the UN and the committee on the rights of the child. We learn that she has had a childhood of abuse an neglect and that in her, lies a deep motivation to do justice.




In our first episode we meet Jonathan and Alexandra who are in the last part of the parenting program. They have to take care of a baby for four weeks and are instantly confronted with the demanding reality of parenthood. 


We meet Marin who lives a dissipated teenage life, exploring the ways of polyamory and foreign drugs, before meeting a mysterious new boy. Together they experience an unregistered birth first hand, challenging their views on the way society works. 


Sara works in the Parliament, a time demanding job. Her wife Daniella, reminds her that she also has two daughters to take care of. She experiences challenges at work when children of her leader-group are mysteriously disappearing for short amounts of time.



In our second episode, Jonathan and Alexandre continues their trial period with Julian the baby. An incident one night leaves them thinking if being parent really is the highest wish for them both, but maybe they have ruined their chance after the baby almost dies.


Marin continues to meet her new friend. She learns more about his motivation and gradually discovers her feelings for him. 


Sara speaks at a big conference about the Scandinavian success with the Birthright program. We also learn more about her relationship with her father. At the end of the episode Sara realises that the series of mysterious disappearings were no coincidence. 






In a world where technology is growing exponentially, we need to face the ethical dilemmas, discuss them, in order to be prepared for the challenges that will come. Early prenatal diagnosis, selective reduction, overpopulation, fertility, polygamous marriage, are all part of the big debate of reproduction. They are delicate subjects, but we need to put these words into our conversations and make it easier to talk about. This series won’t provide the answer but we hope it can help start a conversation. We will show the nuances, the best and the worst, and impact the viewers with what soon might be our reality.



In 2011 Black Mirror revolutionized the anthology format and depicted a series of terrifying situations in a futuristic world that felt strikingly close to our own. Inspired by other shows and films like Westworld, Handmaids Tale, Her and Ex Machina, we want to create a continuous cinematic expression, but with the ability to shape the visual style according to each episode's content and structure. Birthright will take you from the bright and modern style of the facilities to the more harsh and gloomy outskirts, all with the lowkey cinematic expression of a feature.


Environment and climate are becoming more important and we will show this through architecture, interior and costumes. We want to combine natural elements like plants and trees, with man-made architecture. The colors will go from the brown, the earth to the cold, more artificial. We see a growing interest when it comes to glass and transparent surfaces, but overall it is important for us to create a futuristic world that is as close to ours as possible.


Movies like Ex Machina do a great job in creating a relatively stylistic expression that still feel alive and "human". We will make use of anamorphic optics to capture images with the correct percentage of "faults" in front of the sensor. With an imperfect image, we embrace the “humane” in what can seem like an ever so cold and modern world.

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28 from Oslo. Has been working in tv-production for 6 years in Norway and USA. Has been working as a director.

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25 from Trondheim. Background as a photographer, but has worked across different specialities. This makes him a versatile and visually strong director.

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26 from Florø. Background as a screenwriter and producer. This makes him a storydriven director.